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"BAS profile "

Belma AS is a company specialising in comprehensive sheet metal working. We assist our customers already at the design development stage by providing both technical and design advice. We develop reference standards and then create first production batches or complex designs for various industries; all this as per requirements of our customers who are our utmost priority.

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In order to meet ambitions and requirements of our global business partners, we are constantly developing by investing in machines and equipment and human resources over 800 people and 25 000 m2 production area + 7 200 m2 – new production area.

We perform CNC laser and combi laser cutting, coil sheet cutting and bending. We own robotized welding stations, production and powder coating lines, as well as offering a wide range of sheet metal improvement services.

Belma AS has experience of executing both short production batches and high volume orders, therefore you do not need to look for another supplier as your product range grows. 

Our system, based e.g. on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, ensures top quality services and guarantees a wide range of logistics solutions. Product manufacture operations are performed at all stages with care for the environment.     
Our consultants, who speak German and English, will provide the customer with step-by-step guidance, providing assistance in the most complicated projects.

Our long experience ensures our strong position both on the Polish and global market. Belma AS is located in Poland – in one of the world’s most rapidly developing markets.


Contact us

Belma AS
Sp. z o.o.

ul. Łochowska 69,
85-395 Bydgoszcz / Białe Błota
tel.: +48 52 36 36 300
fax: +48 52 36 36 301