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"Engineering support"

We are a team of 35 experienced and creative engineers with huge potential, which allows us to design and complete advanced and complex products for our customers. This is what distinguishes us from other companies and determines at the same time the strength and character of Belma AS.

We constantly work with our customers on their products with respect to costs, quality, reliability and safety.

All projects are carried out in Pro/EINGINEER software, which supports our works during all production stages.

We support and improve the production process by continuous introduction of new manufacturing technologies.

Innovative ideas and modern machine facilities allow us to create complex and competitive products for our customers.

One of our projects that two engineers have been working on for over a year:
Outdoor cabinet with two IP zones and heat exchangers consisting of 450 parts of total weight amounting to 2 tonnes. The scope of works included:

  • design of the structure on the basis of general demands of the customer,
  • preparation of engineering and design documentation in the form of: 800 CNC programmes, 450 manufacturing processes, 1200 design drawings, 50 engineering instructions,
  • building a prototype,
  • launch of serial production

We constantly improve our qualifications and make sure that our customers can rely on our knowledge and competence, and select the best solutions for their products.




Contact us

Belma AS
Sp. z o.o.

ul. Łochowska 69,
85-395 Bydgoszcz / Białe Błota
tel.: +48 52 36 36 300
fax: +48 52 36 36 301