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"Industries and products"

We are a manufacturer of sheet products of various complexity from simple electrical cabinets, through telecommunications cabinets, to technologically advanced energy enclosures for wind power plants and solar power stations. We make our products based on the customer’s designs as well as our own.

We provide our customers with full service, support from the team of engineers, process engineers and programmers, as well as with professional consultancy. At our customers’ request, we fit manufactured products with essential components.

Our customers are leading companies of different industries who value reliability and high quality of products. Our products and details comply with all relevant standards so that they work flawlessly in various and often very tough conditions.

Please refer to the following sections on the website for the range of our products for particular industries.


Contact us

Belma AS
Sp. z o.o.

ul. Łochowska 69,
85-395 Bydgoszcz / Białe Błota
tel.: +48 52 36 36 300
fax: +48 52 36 36 301