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"Food Industry"

We manufacture the following products within this group:

  • baths and parts of machines for food production,
  • partition walls for packaging lines,
  • housings of mixing plant control devices,
  • and other small items within this industry.

Food industry

Products manufactured by us fulfil supplementary requirements on surface smoothness and high anticorrosive protection – INOX steel applied. Other requirements of this branch are untypical thickness and size of sheet metal sections.

Owing to proper selection and application of high quality materials, parts mounted in food industry machines fulfil the highest standards and customers’ expectations.

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Contact us

Belma AS
Sp. z o.o.

ul. Łochowska 69,
85-395 Bydgoszcz / Białe Błota
tel.: +48 52 36 36 300
fax: +48 52 36 36 301