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Cabinets and housings


These are customized cabinets for a specific client's project or investment. We produce them with aluminum or galvanized steel as self-supporting or frame constructions - on profiles patented by BAS.

Customized outdoor cabinets, depending on the function / investment, include:

  • Equipment compartment
  • Energy compartment
  • Battery compartment
  • Collocation compartment
  • MDF compartment


With customized cabinets, we approach the tests individually and depending on the type of requirements and contract conditions, we are ready to provide relevant certificates issued by independent laboratories in the field of:

  • Dust and water resistance tests
  • Climate tests for temperature amplitude
  • Loose tests
  • Wind strength tests
  • Bumper test
  • Anti-theft tests - RC2
  • Anti-corrosion tests
  • Cooling tests
  • Lock tests - RC2
  • IP tests
  • Earthquake test



MFG cabinets are multifunctional cabinets designed for installation of e.g. internet connection, cable television and telephone lines. These are cabinets containing copper / optical fiber connections.

MFG cabinets are aluminium constructions, mainly self-supporting. The inner skin is made of 2 mm aluminium, the outer skin is aluminium of 1.5 to 2 mm thick.

MFG cabinets contain:

  • Equipment compartment
  • Battery compartment
  • Optional: separate energy compartment

Types and dimensions:

  • MFG 8 - width 1000 mm
  • MFG 12/12 Energy - width 1400 mm
  • MFG 15/15 Energy - width 1700 mm
  • MFG18 / 18 Energy - width 2000 mm

The cabinet structure was tested for:

  • IP55 and IP54
  • Bumper test
  • Anti-theft tests - RC2
  • Lock tests - RC2
  • Moreover we carry out 100% of our own tests in site according to the requirements of protection degree IP 54/55





Cooling systems:

Cabinets with a passive cooling system - spontaneous cooling through a double sheathing (convection phenomenon)

Cabinets with active cooling system - forced air circulation cooling using ventilation and filtering devices

  • direct
  • intermediate

The ventilation and filtering system can be controlled by:

  • thermostat
  • controller (possibility to program settings depending on the temperatures inside the cabinet)

Cooling systems:

  • heat exchangers
  • air conditioners (depending on the environmental conditions and the amount of active equipment installed inside the cabinet)



Cabinets are heated by coil heaters or heating blowers, controlled by a thermostat or hygrostat.


  • Internal cabinet lighting
  • Holders for detectors, e.g. Smoke
  • Appropriate reinforcements, e.g. In the battery compartment
  • Door open / close switch
  • Grips for the generator plug
  • Preparation of the structure for the exchanger or air conditioner to be installed in the future
  • Additional mounting plates with dedicated holes
  • Additional grounding strips
  • Dedicated number of cable glands


The plinths are made of stainless steel and galvanized steel. They have foot regulation enabling proper leveling on uneven ground.

Types and dimensions:

  • MFG 8 plinth - 400x1000x500mm
  • MFG 12 plinth - 400x1400x500mm
  • MFG 15 plinth - 400x1700x500mm
  • MFG 18 plinth - 400x2000x500mm