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Supportive processes

Corners forming

The basic function of the machine is the production of close corners of covers, doors, shields, panels and similar items.
This technology eliminates welding and further machining. Items of any size can be treated using this technology.



The technology of joining sheets of different thickness and material combination without rivets, e.g. aluminium + steel, used as an alternative to resistance welding and riveting, does not deteriorate zinc protective coating on the sheet surface.


Resistance welding

Using spot resistance welding technology with stationary and mobile suspended devices, we join details into subassemblies and assemblies.

Quick change of settings and wide application of this technology has an impact on the flexibility of the process.


Surface-abrasive treatment

We provide surface treatment depending on needs: grinding, polishing, sandblasting, deburring.
All works are carried out as finishing or in-process operations.
Qualified cutter operators obtain first class surface of finished goods, selecting appropriate abrasive materials.


Electrochemical discolouration

Discolouration formed on acid-proof steel during welding is removed by means of electrochemical pickling in a special fume hood.


Threading and boring

Specifically designed stations for threading and boring allow us to easily perform operations on large items with many holes. Due to this technology, it is possible to perform operations on elements with complex spatial construction.



At our customers’ request, we can permanent engrave the metal name plates with specific information about the product. It is also possible to make the marking directly on the product.