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Our manufacture for the industries:

Welded structures (acc. CL2 standard), enclosures, transformer cabinets and complete electromechanical assemblies.

Railway industry

Teletransmission cabinets, server racks, distribution and colocation cabinets and accessories – tailored to the Client’s design.

Telecom & IT

Transformer enclosures, cabinets and control panel enclosures made strictly to the Client’s requirements.

Wind power

Industrial inverters, home inverters designed according to the Client’s concept.

Solar power

Specific control cabinets with complete electrical equipment and a final functional test.

Industrial automation

Machine and production line components with accessories.

Food industry

Specific enclosures, consoles and control dashboards.


Control panels, large and small medical instrument enclosures.


Specific enclosures for control cabinets and instruments with increased environmental and safety requirements.

Marine industry

Enclosures, panels, load-bearing elements and internal electromechanical assemblies of heat pumps, furnaces and generators.

Heating and cooling

Petrol pump enclosures, external plating, mechanical and electrical assemblies.

Fuel distribution

Parcel lockers with full equipment, storage and distribution systems, smart waste containers.

Smart Enclosures

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